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Couples Therapy    

Over the next four weeks we will be following Couples Therapy, if you are anxious for more please check out this link…The Dr. Naughty Collection https://tinyurl.com/naughtycollection    

Dr. Lucas Monroe specializes in marital therapy. Some may even call him a sex therapist. Sandra Garrett grows tired of the lack of sex in her marriage. She sets up an appointment, then confronts her husband. Jonathan, Sandra’s husband, was skeptical about seeing his wife with another man, yet he would do anything to save his marriage. The sessions Dr. Monroe has in mind will prove once in for all if this marriage can be saved.

Chapter One    The Confrontation             

Sleep was restless, tossing and turning the current state of her sex life over in her mind. Night after night she had spent back to back, with a peck on the cheek for a goodnight kiss. This…

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First review for The Arrangement!

My first review for The Arrangement. ♥
How about that! Have you read it? Won’t you review it if you have? New authors need all the help they can get so please, if you do, won’t you review? Thanks in advance!

Tara and Joel have an Arrangement
By Rose Howseon June 6, 2017

And boy is it HOT! Through internet connections, private chats and phone conversations, Joel and Tara come to an agreement that could fulfill their fantasies. Contracts have been signed and the time has come to start their adventure. Keep your fan on and a spare pair of panties there is a bit of steam produced by this hot, kinky story.

Check it out yourself at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071FYXPWC/ref=sr_1_2…

She’d responded over the internet to his letter. They’d corresponded, spoken by telephone and the details had been set. He’d specified that she was to tell no one of her destination nor any part of their arrangement. She’d even signed a paper to that effect. Joel’s darkest desire had always been to have a slave for a time. An incommunicado consensual abduction with complete servitude. Her body to do with as he wished, an ultimate fantasy come true.

As for telling anyone, there was no chance of that. Her compliance came easy. She had no one to tell.



A Truth…

A truth…

She’d inhaled the crisp night air as she stepped from the A frame log retreat, her breath a small puff that quickly disbursed. From behind her came the quiet gurgle of the stream they’d played in earlier. Her white shorts had stained so badly green from falling on her arse repeatedly she’d never get them clean again. But no matter, it had been well worth it. She’d squinted into the dark, the silhouette of Massanutten rising from the earth, powerful and majestic. They’d hiked that just this morning and was another memory she’d carry. That of a canteen of bracingly cold water, of eating tuna fish sandwiches with a slice of cheese on them. She loved cheese but this was a first for being paired with tuna. The occasional craving remains.

A sound in the distance. A baleful howl of an animal but she felt safe, her friends asleep behind an easily accessible door should she simply turn around and take a step back. But she didn’t want safe, not tonight. Another breath, a moment to be vaguely curious as to the source. Settled, solemn and at that precise second, at peace, not an easy frame of mind for her, especially at the turbulent age of sixteen , but then she lifted her eyes skyward.

Awestruck. For that moment in time, she took it all in. The Milky Way splayed across the sky, the night air wrapping around her, not knowing her place in the cosmos but open to learning. Her heart sped up, breathing increased. An nemophilist suddenly realizing the occhiolist beauty of the Universe. A hundred million and more twinkling lights in the dazzling panoramic sky and why was she here? Only the passage of time would tell. But she’s typing this now and remembering. And maybe that’s a small part of the puzzle. ~Tamara McLanahan

A First Drop

With that first drop upon my tongue,
A honeyed dew I crave to taste.
As passion’s tempest overtakes,
Ensuing drops I dare not waste.
How sweet the sounds that from your lips,
Urging attentions to employ.
Each new caress as you sustain,
An edge you’ll willingly enjoy.
Now deeply as I part your mind,
Desires darkly burn, inflamed.
The flesh that trembles as engulfed.
A succulence happily claimed.
                                ~Tamara McLanahan





Read them, review them, don’t return their books.

I wrote this over a year ago. A reminder…
The Indie author universe is a fragile one for some. Each day, authors struggle to make their dreams a reality. Many of the systems work against their success. Please encourage them to continue their writings. If even one author is so discouraged as to never write again, it’s a loss to us all. Every author lost is a voice silenced. Support them in their efforts.
Read them, review them, don’t return their books.