Coming soon! The Arrangement by Tamara McLanahan

Some excerpts from The Arrangement, coming soon!

She’d responded over the internet to his letter. He’d specified that she was to tell no one of her destination nor any part of their arrangement. She’d even signed a paper to that effect. Little did he know that bit of compliance came easy. She had no one to tell.

                                                           from The Arrangement by Tamara McLanahan

“Tara, I want you to know I have you, I’m keeping you and I’m going to do all manner of things to you. No one knows where you are, even who you are anymore. You are who I say you are. Nothing more. I’ll tell you when to sleep, when to eat, when to bathe, when to spread your legs, when to close your mouth, when to open it to take my cock. Your will is no longer your own. Obey me in all things, defy me and incur my wrath. I can be loving and protective or I can make you wish you’d never ever heard my name. Nod if you understand, darlin’, as of now, you are all mine.”

Tara nodded as best she could. She knew what she’d signed on to give him. Two weeks of complete servitude, her body to do with as he wished. No one on this green earth knowing where she was, who she was with. His ultimate fantasy, a slave to do anything he wished with. Beaten, flogged, fucked at his will and whim.             

                                                        from The Arrangement by Tamara McLanahan

“Tara, I think you’re liking this a bit too much. You have not been given permission to have an orgasm, am I clear?” 

When she didn’t answer right away, couldn’t for the feelings he was giving her, that building up of an imminent orgasm, he smacked her soundly on her already sore ass.

“Hell,” she exclaimed, not meaning to but at least the orgasm had been held at bay for a moment.

“You are not to come unless I give my permission, do I make myself understood?”

Still feeling so very aroused, she nodded her head. That only got her another sound smack on her rump.

“Yes, Joel,” she managed to get out.  He grunted, then stood up.

“Turn your head. I want you to watch me and count while you receive your punishment. If you stop counting, we will start over at one. I sincerely doubt you’d be wanting that so please do as you’re told.”  

After her head was turned, Joel moved her hair to one side, exposing more of her back. Taking the cane in hand he gave her the first lash.

“One,” she fairly shouted as it landed with a loud smack across the back, just under the shoulder blades.                                                        

                                                         from The Arrangement by Tamara McLanahan                                  

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Formal intro as a Wicked Pen Writer

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And a “Hey Nonny Nonny Neener Neener to Ms. Gough and her antiquated, judgmental and downright offensive little rant on Huffington Post. I would read Callie Press by penlight any day over her and her smarmy, condescending Holier than Thou, vituperative tirades. Wise up, Ms. Gough. Times they are a’changing and while you may have one teeny tiny point in that self publishing may allow a truly abysmal book to see the light of day, your point is lost in the glare of your hypocritical diatribe. Surely an aggrandizing self appointed guardian of the literary world, a consummate wordsmith with such a long list of accolades wouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition!? I am appalled and aghast but always alliterative. So buy a vowel Ms. Gough. (I would suggest an A, but I used them up in that last sentence.) The phrase you’re looking for on that Wheel of Literary Fortune is:


Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system. Take a look at someone who can say it so much more eloquently than I. Check out Callie Press and her blog.