First review for The Arrangement!

My first review for The Arrangement. ♥
How about that! Have you read it? Won’t you review it if you have? New authors need all the help they can get so please, if you do, won’t you review? Thanks in advance!

Tara and Joel have an Arrangement
By Rose Howseon June 6, 2017

And boy is it HOT! Through internet connections, private chats and phone conversations, Joel and Tara come to an agreement that could fulfill their fantasies. Contracts have been signed and the time has come to start their adventure. Keep your fan on and a spare pair of panties there is a bit of steam produced by this hot, kinky story.

Check it out yourself at…

She’d responded over the internet to his letter. They’d corresponded, spoken by telephone and the details had been set. He’d specified that she was to tell no one of her destination nor any part of their arrangement. She’d even signed a paper to that effect. Joel’s darkest desire had always been to have a slave for a time. An incommunicado consensual abduction with complete servitude. Her body to do with as he wished, an ultimate fantasy come true.

As for telling anyone, there was no chance of that. Her compliance came easy. She had no one to tell.



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